Festival & Concerts Tickets KULA 2024

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Our 3-day festival pass gives access to all activities and all concerts during the days of the festival.

The concert passes only give access to the concerts on the chosen day.

Please show your ticket at our reception to get your wristband, which will give you access to the different yoga rooms and concert halls. Simply show up well before class, ensure yourself a spot and roll out your mat.

Access to all activities on the kids program is free of charge for kids and accompanying adults.

Access to the festival site is free of charge for everyone.

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Kula Yoga Festival Tickets

All tickets can be paid via Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can send us an email with your name and the number of tickets you wish to book and you can then transfer the money to our following bank account:

Camping Fuussekaul
IBAN: LU24 0090 0000 7190 3439
Kula Yoga Festival

Festival & Concerts Tickets KULA 2024

The 20 Early Bird - 3 Day Festival passes are already sold and out of stock!

3 day festival tickets as well as tickets for the Friday and Saturday night concerts are still available in our online shop!

When you purchase a Kula Yoga Festival ticket you will support the following purposes:

  • Paying for the materials necessary to build the Kula Yoga Festival
  • Paying the fees of the various facilitators and artists that will be holding the space of the Practices, Experiences, Therapies, Music stage, workshops and many other surprises we are preparing to make this an unforgettable experience
  • Payment of the transportation costs and lodging of the international artists
  • Design and implementation of pre-production, production, post-production and the thousands of tasks that come with all of this.
  • Maintaining all the infrastructures that make yours a better experience whilst at the Kula Yoga Festival. Showers, toilets, water pipes, electrical circuits and all the complex logistics involved.
And all the bigger or smaller details in between; all this to make sure everyone has the most unforgettable experience ever!!!

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Camping & Bungalowpark Fuussekaul
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L - 9156 Heiderscheid

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