Marise Hyman

Limbic Imprint ReCoding

South Africa / Luxembourg

Marise Hyman from sunny South Africa, mother of 2, has been working with
beautiful souls in Luxembourg and online globally since 2013, as: Somatic-
Therapeutic Embodiment Coach, Facilitator, Trainer, Healer, Doula, specialised
in Self-Growth, Relationships & Trauma-integration

Workplace Emotional Resilience, Leadership
Preconception, Prenatal, Parenthood Doula

She loves getting to the root of emotional blocks in love, life, career, creativity,
preconception to parenthood and holistically healing trauma, PTSD, CPTSD,
especially early life trauma, birth trauma (being born and giving birth), family &
relationship trauma..

She is honoured to take part again in the Kula Yoga Festival by offering another
delicious journey of Limbic Imprint ReCoding.

Each ReCoding journey into the Limbic Imprint is a unique experience,
addressing different layers of our core wounds..

Limbic Imprint ReCoding (“LIR”)
(A 5-part Process of the "Birth into Being" Method)
Is your #limbicimprint holding you back in life?
From your earliest beginnings of sperm meeting the egg that formed you,
gestation, birth, childhood and the events that formed your sense of Self (up
until around age 18), your Limbic System registered these events in the nervous
system subconsciously and on a cellular level and affects how you think, feel
and act today…

According to Emerson, Sills & Castellino, 85%-95% of us experienced some
degree of prenatal & birth trauma.
And that doesn’t even yet include the limbic imprint gaps of childhood &
teenage years that all humans have, as no parent is simply perfect…
The good news is it is NEVER too late to heald!
Without blaming our early caregivers, we CAN take responsibility to fill these
gaps by lovingly reparenting ourselves. Hurray!
The Birth into Being Method that I am certified in, is a profound healing method
of Self-development designed to address the unwanted and limiting sideeffects
of challenging events we’ve all experienced in our lives, especially the
Limbic Imprinting that may be holding us back in life from physical health,
emotional health, love, intimacy, success, abundance, peace, healthy
relationships, creativity, birthing freely, parenting lovingly and the ability to
experience joy…
Limbic Imprint ReCoding Experience (short version):

Our LIR will take place in the self-organising, unpredictable, creationary,
magical force of “the Birthing Field”, Birthing this new version of YOU.

YOU WILL NEED: An open mind, Comfy clothing allowing free movement,
ingredients for your “nest” to be super comfy & cozy lying down during the
ReCoding, e.g: Yoga mat, blanket, pillow. Optional: Any item connecting you to
your Inner Child/Baby, Your personal development journal.

Part 1 - Dance: Rapid free creative high-energy non-sensical movement.
Oxygenating every cell in the body so we can move more energy in the
ReCoding, bypassing the rational Cortex, preparing to meet the Limbic.

Part 2 - Breathwork - “Monkey-Breath”: Tricking the Cortex to get a foot into
the Limbic Door.

Part 3 - “Seaweed” Dance - Spiraling, slow-flow, no-more-control movement,
body scan, oxytocin loving, allign to spiraling energy streams

Part 4 - The ReCoding - The primary part of the LIR is a deep Visualisation
where you will be invited to lay down in your nest and melt into a beautiful
journey to your earliest beginnnings.. By using your Free Will (you have the
remote control) and the magic of Neuroplasticity, you will be invited to create a
blissful, deeply connected, intentionally loving journey. The brain doesn’t know
what really happened and what is imaginary so the sky is your co-creative limit!
We are creating new reference points in the body & nervous system connected
to your Limbic System and subconscious mind.

Part 5 - Integration - Welcoming you back after birth. As part of integration, you
are invited to journal about your experience afterwards in your own time. Ensure
proper hydration, nutrition and rest and if possible, spending time floating in
water will enhance your experience. The ReCoding will still integrate in your
system for some weeks, especially while sleeping.
You are very welcome to reach out if you have any questions or if you are
curious to experience:
the LIR - Long Version (where we journey beyond birth until 18 years
when your Sense of Self was still forming)
and the rest of the other 16+ profound healing Processes in the “Birth
into Being” method.

The Limbic Imprint impacts/determines:

  • Physical Health & Vitality
  • Inner Safety
  • Feeling whether you belong
  • Trust & Connection to life, yourself and relationships
  • The ability to feely give and receive love
  • Life Force Energy available
  • Self Esteem
  • Intimacy - with yourself and others
  • Your ability to be happy, to focus
  • Creativity, spontaneity
  • Birthing Freely
  • Parenting Consciously & Lovingly
  • Your ability to successfully create/birth new projects, new
relationships, new babies…
    and more…

Read more on the Limbic Imprint ReCoding:

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