Oriental Beats


I have two lives: before and after belly dancing. From the moment I saw my teacher's dance I felt so in love with her snaky movements, after few months of practice my body had already switched from being “hard” to extremely soft, nearly melted: the new me was born and she was feeling like a walking snake.

I think belly dancers are hypnotic, they truly emanate divine feminine energy, express deep sensuality, also when it is a man dancing, it does not matter, perhaps because belly dancing originated as a fertility ritual, used as a menstruation dance, birth dance, wedding dance. The very essence of women. Its movements loosen the body so that the woman can relax and open herself during childbirth, a woman develops her abdominal and pelvic muscles, which aid in a more comfortable and safer delivery.

It does not matter if you are man or women, with or without belly dance experience, just let yourself into the oriental beats:
we will generate movements from the ground up, connected to the earth, feet in correct posture for the move we will try to do, the origin of the movement will be in your feet, weight distribution and knees. Basic moves such as horizontal and vertical figures of 8 or infinity loops, circles, undulations, vibrations with hips and chest, shimmies and travelling steps…main focus will be on self- exploration and happiness!

When you purchase a Kula Yoga Festival ticket you will support the following purposes:

  • Paying for the materials necessary to build the Kula Yoga Festival
  • Paying the fees of the various facilitators and artists that will be holding the space of the Practices, Experiences, Therapies, Music stage, workshops and many other surprises we are preparing to make this an unforgettable experience
  • Payment of the transportation costs and lodging of the international artists
  • Design and implementation of pre-production, production, post-production and the thousands of tasks that come with all of this.
  • Maintaining all the infrastructures that make yours a better experience whilst at the Kula Yoga Festival. Showers, toilets, water pipes, electrical circuits and all the complex logistics involved.
And all the bigger or smaller details in between; all this to make sure everyone has the most unforgettable experience ever!!!

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Camping & Bungalowpark Fuussekaul
4 Fuussekaul
L - 9156 Heiderscheid

00352 - 26 88 88 1

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