Romulo & Natalia

Yin Yoga & Yoga of Sound

Peru / Argentina

Surrender, rely on the arms of Mother Earth and realize that everything is perfect! This is Yin Yoga, a space of pure contemplation of this being of light that we are.

The Medicine Songs and mantras create a sound space that caresses our atoms by allowing the waves of the mind to calm down. The somatic aspect connects us with our center and invites the balance of the energy system.

Pranayamas, mudras, mantras, and Yoga of sound will help us develop a state of listening and concentration to incorporate the "conscious witness" within each posture and learn to yield to gravity.


Romulo lives most of the year in the Peruvian Amazon. Teacher and trainer of Yin Yoga and Kundalini Yoga, Medicine-Man of the Amazonian tradition, he is also a practitioner of Body-Mind Centering© and somatic educator. His teachings combine the meeting of self-healing, the magic of celebration and the sacred song, a vast whole connected by the rigor necessary to the search for a humanity more conscious of its true identity.

Co-founder with Emilio Escariz of Huamanwasi Ashram in Peru, center of shamanism and yoga, and Umachandra (now Jaya) in Paris, a pioneering space dedicated to the awakening of consciousness and the yoga of sound, it is at During his many travels he received inspiration and teachings from different ethnicities. He learned about Huni Kuin Forest Medicine and devotional songs from India.

Devotion, humor and simplicity are the pillars of his teaching.


Natalia Magliano

Argentine singer and musician, researcher of voice, song and music as a personal development path for 20 years.
She is trained in vocal technique for voice release, as well as different body awareness techniques (yoga, Fedora Aberastury, aerial acrobatics, instituto de la màscara, theater, etc.).

With a scholarship of artistic studies she goes to Brazil in the two thousand years where she received her first initiation to the energy song in the Brazilian spiritual environment. This approach opens the voice-sung channel, a work of composition and musical inspiration.

Interested in the ancestral songs of Latin America, she also goes to Mexico to learn regional music and their instruments.
It was there that medicine men and women gave him shamanic knowledge. Based in France, she shares her voice and singing approach in the project "The voice of the body" through individual coaching sessions, collective workshops where she transmits circular songs from Latin America, to facilitate a space personal development, source reconnection and expressiveness, a path of healing.

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