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Biography of Schutz Michèle (Micky)
Born in 1971 in Luxembourg, I did my studies of clinical and social psychology in Brussel from 1990 -1995. Since then, the subject of trauma and its huge impact in a person’s life interested me. Especially as I was working with migrants and further on with refugees and trauma victims as I continued to work for many years with MSF (Doctors without Borders) in war or natural disasters. Besides other therapy trainings, I did a training in EMDR (Eyes movement desensitization and reprocessing) a specific trauma therapy in 2012. Coming back home to Luxembourg, I started to work at the CHL Kannerklinik where again trauma was the main issue concerning children and adults. I got the official recognition by the Ministry of Health (collège des médecins) of Luxembourg as a psychotherapist. I became more and more interested in the bodily aspect of the trauma as I continued my own practice of Yoga. So in 2017, I did a training in Trauma Sensitive Yoga at Ingradual in Wetzlar, Germany, where Yoga is focused and adapted to trauma. I was completely excited: that was the way I wanted to go. But I needed to have more knowledge and experience in Yoga teaching, so I started an 200h Yoga teacher training at Way Yoga Institute in Wiesbaden Germany from 2018 till 2019. And here I am, happy to share my experiences with you.

Since September 2019, I’m teaching two trauma sensitive yoga classes at www.YogaBalance.lu in Kirchberg on Fridays. From January 2020, several workshops with specific subjects linked to trauma will be held at the YogaBalance studio in Merl on various Saturdays.

Description of TSY and the proposed class:
Trauma sensitive yoga is intended for people that have had severe trauma during their childhood or later on, and who developed an ambivalent relationship with/towards their body.
The objective of the course is to provide some techniques in order to rebound emotionally to their body and to establish a positive relationship with it inside a secure and professional frame. Trauma sensitive yoga is complementary to verbal therapy or/and medication. It is based on yoga positions (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayama) in a mindfulness way (pradhyahara).

Central aspects of trauma sensitive yoga are:
Focus on the present moment (traumatized persons mainly live in the past or fear of the future)
Develop an inner neutral, compassionate “observer” of what is going on inside us so that we can enlarge our window of tolerance and start to react differently to triggers
Find in ourselves security and calm
Make the experience of choices to improve our physical and emotional wellbeing
Feel our self-efficiency: “I can do something for myself to feel better in that position, in that exercise”…
Develop self-confidence
Make a social experiment in a secure frame
In opposition to other yoga classes, there will be no physical helps/adjustments proposed by the teacher. The focus is not to go deeper, longer or harder but to feel one’s body and to respect one’s boundaries. At each moment, the person can stop with the exercise he/she doesn’t feel well in, without being judged.
The class at the Kula Yoga Festival will be a typical TSY class but with a very short introduction of the main aspects and symptoms of trauma and some more explanations about positions, presentation to the students and sequencing.

When you purchase a Kula Yoga Festival ticket you will support the following purposes:

  • Paying for the materials necessary to build the Kula Yoga Festival
  • Paying the fees of the various facilitators and artists that will be holding the space of the Practices, Experiences, Therapies, Music stage, workshops and many other surprises we are preparing to make this an unforgettable experience
  • Payment of the transportation costs and lodging of the international artists
  • Design and implementation of pre-production, production, post-production and the thousands of tasks that come with all of this.
  • Maintaining all the infrastructures that make yours a better experience whilst at the Kula Yoga Festival. Showers, toilets, water pipes, electrical circuits and all the complex logistics involved.
And all the bigger or smaller details in between; all this to make sure everyone has the most unforgettable experience ever!!!

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