Maria Terra & Pedro Collares

4 elements prayer - water ceremony - reconnection with the waters - yoga healing sound


Pedro Collares

Sound Therapist, Musician and Music Producer, Specialized in using sound and music as a healing tool. Pedro has a vast collection of instruments form all over the globe. In India became Hatha Yoga instructor and also studied Drupad and Mantra singing. In Amazon spent some time at the Yawanawa tribe learning their sacred healing songs. Now days dedicate his life to healing/praying music and facilitating workshops on retreats, festivals & Yoga conferences around the globe.

Maria Terra

I dedicate my life to collect & diffuse ancient knowledge of different cultures & old traditions around the world. I have traveled to sacred locations, studying the alchemy of body, mind & spirit.

In India, inspired by great Yoguis, i learned about the art of Yoga & Meditation

In Amazon forest in Brazil and in Central America, i spent long time with different indigenous tribes, studying with the elders the old traditions of native people & misteries of nature.


4 Elements Prayer:

Through Prayers, dance, meditation and music we will connect and become each one of that elements.

Deep session where we get closer to the Spirit of Fire, Water, Earth and Air, experience each one of them and understanding their presence in us.

We also open the 7 directions salutation and explain the native approach to all directions and elements.

Water Cerimony - Reconnecting with the Waters:

Water is life! More and more people are gathering to pray and protect water. The indigenous elders are standing up and reminding us the importance of being guardians of water. We are water, allowing our waters to flow in truth inside of us is a deep prayer to all the Waters.

Yoga Healing Sound:

Synchronizing movement, breath and sound - Praying with the body, dancing with the Spirit. During the class we will guide you to a deeper place inside, using Asanas, words and the sounds of exotic instruments, connecting to the purity of our heart, the power of intention and capacity of creation.

Sacred Songs (Closing Concert)

Concert Mantras and devotional music from different traditions. We invite you to celebrate life joying our voices as one. The repetition of those ancient words can take us to a space of deep connection with our higher self and with all around.

Leaded by Pedro Collares and accompanied by the Brazilian Bhakti musician Sandro Shankara. 

Pedro Collares with Instruments
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