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Marcel Wennmacher, born 14/01/1966 is Yogateacher (BYV) since 2017 an Certified HANGAB-Practitioner since 2018.

HANGAB is relaxation for body mind and soul.

A slow lift in stages from the feet to the head into a reverse position (upside down) accompanied by a gentle treatment during the entire session.
With this method an unpleasant pressure in the head is avoided.
The back and spine are stretched by gravity with the effect of disc regeneration.
Deep relaxation of body and mind can lead to a release of what is ready to go, there and then.
In many cultures it is known that the inverted position gives vitality, conciousness, opening and has a centering effect.

Ready to fly?

When you purchase a Kula Yoga Festival ticket you will support the following purposes:

  • Paying for the materials necessary to build the Kula Yoga Festival
  • Paying the fees of the various facilitators and artists that will be holding the space of the Practices, Experiences, Therapies, Music stage, workshops and many other surprises we are preparing to make this an unforgettable experience
  • Payment of the transportation costs and lodging of the international artists
  • Design and implementation of pre-production, production, post-production and the thousands of tasks that come with all of this.
  • Maintaining all the infrastructures that make yours a better experience whilst at the Kula Yoga Festival. Showers, toilets, water pipes, electrical circuits and all the complex logistics involved.
And all the bigger or smaller details in between; all this to make sure everyone has the most unforgettable experience ever!!!

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