Natalia Magliano

Voice workshop and medicine songs


Argentine singer, composing music and coach vocal, with a long experience in the domain of expression, performing and ritual arts.

She goes to Brazil in the two thousand years where she received her first initiation to the energy song in the Brazilian spiritual environment. This approach opens the voice-sung channel, a work of composition and musical inspiration.

Interested in the ancestral songs of Latin America, she also goes to Mexico to

learn regional music and their instruments. It was there that medicine men and women gave him shamanic knowledge. She lives in these countries for some years studying her culture, experience that marks her personal and artistic life.

Based in France, she obtains a european diploma of studies as coach and vocal formatrice, shares her voice and singing approach in the project "The voice of the body" through individual coaching sessions, collective workshops where she transmits “medicine circular songs from Latin America”. She also participates as a collaborator as a teacher in various disciplines such as sound yoga (shamanic yin yoga) and musical accompaniment in cocoa ceremonies and awareness raising, to facilitate a space personal development. Researcher of voice, music and in the expressive movement as a personal development during the last 15 years making this expressive work a way of healing and a reconnection to nature itself.


Voice workshop and medicine songs

Discover the power of the voice with medicine songs from ancestral cultures that create a bridge between the earthly and the divine.
In the Amerindian cultures there is the belief that each person is the bearer of a medicine: the breath, the song, the voice.
With an energetic and conscious work of the voice, we will open the doors of our expressiveness to give meaning to the essential communicative gesture with this tool of connection to oneself, to others and to the elements.
Discovering "the voice medicine" means going back to our ancestors, reconnecting with the earth, and bouncing back on our archaic memories, those that connect us to the whole, as humanity and as individual identity.

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