Kai Ignetas

Qi Gong Lompran


Qi gong Lompran – Wu Dao Flow

Stillness in Motion. Motion in Stillness.

Connecting with the subtle energy field of body-mind-spirit. 
Syncronising circular breath in flowing movement of the five

elements, Connecting earth and sky.

Nourish Body Heart Mind Spirit Soul

with the Joy it brings Dancing with the Breath in the light, flowing within the elements

  • QiGong & Taiji Basics
  • Moving Meditation


  • Aligning 5 elemental Chakras / 3 DanTien

Connecting in the Heart Rising to the Crown

  • Free intuitive Flow based on interlocking Harmonies in spiraling dynamics 
and 4 Element-Base Structure connecting within the subtle energy field, 
the 5th and primordial element: prana/qi/.

LOMPRAN therefore translates into breathing the field and moving in it with grace.

Based on Free flow and Relaxation of body mind into the cosmic stream of Energy

-Prana/Qi - The subtle field within and around the four elements. In quantum Alignment circulating and building up a connection between earth and sky as a swinging magnetic bridge, grounding opening lifting, holding the balance of sun and moon in liquid hands , smiling in the heart of being..sound vibration light.


ChiTree Kai is Teaching and practising the formless in simple forms and drawing the connection from expressions in visual arts and dance to stillness, syncronising with the breath, vise versa.

“Un-identified with the Form, not limiting by it but expressing through it”

"In my personal field of reference how to be living and enjoying practise with physical challenging condition has been a motivation for me ever since, .. with one knee and one straight leg, connecting to the more subtle everybody, bending what can't be bended and making soft what is hard. In the principle of the macro and micro cosmos of our inner and outer magnetic field..qi flows where intention goes in small or big, slow or fast movement, as in stillness. This is a Journey of joyful exploration and conscious reflection"

CT Kai

QiGong LomPran also applies visual expression in Art to the ‘form’.
Breaking free from it, using it’s structure as a tool, creating new forms,

aiming for formlessness and yet, enjoying the creativity evolving through it.

As a Dance with Colors and authentic Soul-Self Expression. ChiTreeHeArt

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