Marielle Haas

Osho Dynamic Meditation


Are you ready to discover the colorful landscapes of your inner self and dive through the layers of emotions hold inside ? Ready to break the patterns of conditioned behavior? Here you can give space to whatever wants to be expressed and transformed. Allow yourself to be free to let out whatever there may be and get closer to your true natural being.

My name is Marielle, I am 34 years young. Starting Meditation in a silent sitting position didn’t work out for me. I began my path inwards by practicing different forms of Taichi and Qigong, shamanic healing circles, abstract expressionist drawing, transcendental and sacred dance 10 years ago.

As a child, I spend most of my time alone, nature and animals were my refuge. Excluded by my peers - considered as being strange and judged by my family of being too emotional and too sensitive. I didn’t know where to belong, I felt alone, worthless and abandoned. I went through many dark moments in my life, struggling with all these intense emotions inside of me. I could not push them away, that didn’t work out. So one day I had to decide between life and death and I decided to heal my broken heart, trust and follow my inner voice.

In 2013, I discovered several so called
< Active Meditations > created by an indian spiritual teacher called OSHO and I absolved my training as an Active Meditation Facilitator in 2014. The Meditation I propose comprises five stages which will lead us inwards, four of which are accompanied by a specific music especially composed for facilitating our inner journey, on the path of seeking for our true unfolded amazing being.
Today, I can proudly say that I kept my sensitivity and emotions have become my inner navigation system as they tell me what my soul needs, what is good for me, where I am at in relation with the humans around me.
I know now that I am strong enough to welcome and embrace all the different colours of emotions inside me, and so are you ! As a human being, our true power is in welcoming and living our vulnerability, because that is what makes us human ! To me, it are the feelings and sensations that makes us feel alive. We can live strong emotions without being completely overwhelmed as we learn to be the observer, to be our own witness.
This is something we are all able to learn. Emotions are like clouds, they come and go ! All the answers we seek for are inside of us ❤ Only our heart truly knows

I am very pleased to welcome you to do the OSHO DYNAMIC MEDITATION together

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