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Sascha Tetzlaff works as an Integral Systemic Coach and is also a speaker regarding the New Zealand ritual HAKA dance. He focuses on bringing out and strengthening other’s potential by diving deep into their true primal power and being.

What is HAKA? 


HAKA, an ancient ceremonial dance from the indigenous New Zealand Maori culture, is – to this day – performed in groups, including strong movements, very expressive stamping of feet and rhythmically shouted ritual words. Formerly executed in war environments, today the HAKA is mostly known from the very impressive performances of the New Zealand National Rugby Team before their games.

Having had the honor of living with members of the Maori culture for a while, Sascha has created his very own, practical and modern version of the HAKA, enabling others to a tangible approach regarding the primal force of the dance. Getting in touch with your core, untangling deeply buried longings, strengths and truths while creating a lasting communal experience and unfolding the HAKA’s healing powers – such is Sascha’s greatest wish.


My workshops for festivals are scheduled for 2 hours and include the following topics

  • Increase the feeling of belonging through the group
  • Strengthening the personality structure
  • Encounter emotions and feelings
  • To take my place as a human
  • Give the ancestors their place
  • To find balance in the power

The New Zealand indigenous dance has the good strength to carry these values ​​into the world.

As a Life- Haka Coach, my work focuses on helping people develop their personal lives.To support potentials and thereby strengthen them in their very own strength. The encounter with people is always in the foreground. That was also on my travels in different countries the case. In India, a local scholar accompanied me through the High mountains of the Himalayas. Here I was able to experience the dedication to life and belief in one's own greatness.

During a visit to New Zealand I had the opportunity to travel with a Maori. Especially I was fascinated by the haka, the ritual dance of the Maori.

Enthusiastic and inspired by this experience, I have trained as a Haka coach and share this experience in a team with others.

These different experiences in combination with various additional training with systemic Emphasis, resulted in the development of the EmbodyMind Solution. A method that suits me allows people - privately as well as professionally - to accompany them on their journey to share with them to regain her inner strength. "

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