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MusiCuddle journey / Awakening Sensuality

Jessica Haraluna is a psycho & physio therapist, a sensuality and pleasure awakener, an alchemist of sacred sexuality, a natural intuitive and a generator of human empowerment. Her childhood's dream was to live in a better world, that dream contained all the power to keep her alive no matter what. Today she lives joyfully her dream in Belgium, being a reference in Tantra, Rebirth and Bodywork . She believes that authenticity is the key for freedom. In authenticity, one can be caring, nourishing and loving towards oneself. She walks her workshops and inspires others through her willingness to be vulnerable, authentic and real.

Amin Chamin is a musicologist, a medicine man of the waves, a neuro-linguistic programmer, he studied the music through different cultural spectrum. He is intimately persuaded that music heals and that music influences our life and our emotions. It is with this consciousness that he guides his workshops.

As a couple, we fusion our inner medecines, our art and our love to bring you a fun and light playground for your personal evolution.

Workshops titles and description:

Friday morning MusiCuddle journey Amin & Jessica

During this journey, you are invited to explore the Cuddle's world. A big world where everything can happened! A cuddle can be a common and automatic gesture to a profound encounter between souls.
To be hugged is a medicine of the heart, body and soul. This medicine works on all levels of the being, to heal, nourish and open oneself to receive love.
Our invitations are open doors to a bigger connection with one self, with the art of self love, with the joy of being alive, with our inner authenticity and fluidity.
We will guide you with live music, with bodywork and with psycho-physiotherapy movements.

Friday afternoon Awakening Sensuality Jessica

The word "sensual" literally means "relating to the gratification of the senses". Sensuality has the potential to become even more intense with time; it is our ability to connect to, awaken, and embody pleasure through sight, taste, smell, touch, sound.

Awakening this sensuality within us is an amazing and sacred experience of multi-sensory exploration of intimacy with you first and then with others. As we embark on this trip of sensuality with self, we elevate our respect and gratitude for our very existence and experience as a human. As a result, we empower our true self, enhancing our personal charisma, power, and potential.

Connecting to your sensuality deepens a connection with self, leading to a feeling of rising in love with self. The outcome is an enhanced feeling of love, confidence, gratitude, joy, and bliss.

Saturday Sound Journey Amin

Welcome into my sound universe! Place your bags, install yourself and allow your spirit to fly with the wave's rythm. Coming from several planets, my instruments will take you far inside yourself. Enjoy your journey.

Sunday MusiCuddle Journey Amin & Jessica

same description as friday

Amin & Jessica

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