Mitsch Kohn - Netanel Goldberg - Sascha Vaymer

TRUTH of NOW - healing ceremony

Germany / Israel

„This ceremony of our unique path is a journey of accepting what life offers to us in the present moment. Within a place of surrender we let words, music, stories, silence reveil itself through us. It ́s an invitation to give attention and true expression to all what there is: feelings, thoughts, body, emptiness, voice, emotions, movement...Being the journey offers a deeper understanding of who we are, our choices, patterns, actions. Within that place transformation happens into an awareness of the one we are, all beauty we are... embracing life fully“.

about Mitsch Kohn

The soundmystic Mitsch Kohn from Germany creates his music intuitively in the moment he is playing. His very uniquepiano-based soundhealing-journeys open the hearts, guide into states of deep connection and can be realized as a journey into a higher consciousness.New perspectives might occur and the pacified heart will bath in silence.Mitsch composes and produces music for films, plays concerts around the world and offers his special soundhealing program "KLANG HEIL RAUM" in workshops and retreats. This extremely powerful program open spaces for a deep dive into the subconsciuos. There, in a state of no mind, people face their inner truth intuitively. They are able to reprogramm their patterns, find back to the essence of their soul and experience a deep feeling of being home.

about Netanel Goldberg

Vocal Artist Netanel Goldberg from Israel reflects live with his fully improvised singing, partly in Englisch and Hebrew, partly in his own soullanguage. Grown up with classical music and singing prayers, he was surrounded by sounds a lot. Netanel is touring in Israel, Europe and USA with concerts and singing-circles, produced the Rumi project “Come However You Are” and published two albums “River of Light” and „pure emotions“.

about Sascha Alexander Vaymer

Cello meets ElectroSascha Alexander takes his listeners into an inner world journey. With his cello and loop stationhe creates atmospheres inbetween gentle silence and expressive rhytmical thunderstorms. Harmonic fields develop constantly, grow into spontanuos melodies and mix with electronic elements. Again and again new impulses fill the room with spherical alive music. As Alexanders music is completely intuitive, every concert is unique.

Music video:

Screenshot_2019-12-27 2018 Truth_of_Now-Healing Ceremony-Trio doc Con la tecnología de Box
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