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Mantra Tribe is four devoted musicians, who connect in their own unique way to each other and to music. They love to co-create with the audience and celebrate the high-energy vibes in all its natural, spontaneous manifestations.

It leads them to new musical and energetical discoveries and that ends up in creating a new musical genre between Kirtan, Shaman music, tribal beats and hand & mouth made Electro.

The Mantra Tribe Chanting Party started in Berlin in 2014, opening a new ecstatic space for the celebration of mantras. At the beginning of 2016, the band "Mantra Tribe" was founded, pioneering a new musical direction.

Mantra Tribes first album "ShaMANTRAnce" was released in June 2017 at

The Tribe is fueled by:

Two voices that magically complement each other: FlorAmor de Ucayali a.k.a Aleksandra Piela (voice, Harmonium, shaman drum) and Jasmin Aynacioglu (voice, Harmonium, small percussion) celebrate the depth of Mantra-beauty and the wildness of root-beats, surrendering to the flow of Shakti.

Danilo Ananda Steinert with guitar, drums, voice and more is the musical brain, with his wide range of skills and abilities. He draws from 20 years of powerful presence in the Yoga and spiritual world music scene.

Marc Miethe, one of the first Didgeridoo-Guru of Germany and brings all the lower Chakras in resonance with his driving virtuosic Earthbeats.

Guest musician David Beck is a skilled guitarist in European Music. His rhythmic talent and his fascination for various musical traditions and cultures carried him towards Indian and Arabian Music. Today he masters a broad variety of string and percussion instruments, such as Oud, Gembre, Darabuka.

His striking influence on bands like Peshkar, Gnawa Impulse, Back To India and Nomad Soundsystem made him one of the glowing figures in Berlin`s oriental fusion scene


Sounds sooo great!!! (Kai Treude) … Wow, what a perfect evening! In 3 years of ecstatic dance, I have never sweat like that! 😉 (Ana) … Omg, I have to move back to Berlin!! (Katrin) … This was a beautiful night, I wish I could hear more of the wonderful chanting. (Ezequiel) … Thank you for the wonderful, heart-opening evening. It was a joy for body, spirit and soul! (Aylin) … Your music is full of power and life. Its aliveness and creativity, always surprising, simply great and sexy. (Fredi Früh / Anugraha from Suisse) … My body still vibrated at 3 in the night (fan on Xperience-Festival)


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